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About Me

My Training Approach

My passion is helping people enjoy a better quality of life regardless of their current level of health. I focus on measurable and practical mindful exercises that are most useful to your to physical and mental well being. Exercises that enhance posture, gait, squatting and other practical movements are critical elements of success. 

More specifically, proper and consistent strengthening of your legs, hips, back and upper body are critical for balance and overall function. Doing so can improve your energy, state of mind, confidence, self reliance, recreational activities and range of motion. It can also reduce pains, falls or reliance of walkers and canes. Overall, the right approach and effort will make you feel and look better and move more youthfully. 

For example, proper dose of the right exercise program can reduce symptoms of Parkinsons Disease and other mental and physical diseases. Enjoying the exercise is a key element for consistent progress. The reality is, a lot of commonly suggested exercise is boring, impractical, counterproductive and a poor use of ones valuable energy. However, I enjoy making it fun, creative and useful. The more I know you, the faster I will make your training experience the best you've ever had.

I train for positive future change, not to keep you where you are at, so I track and adjust accordingly your needs of physical rehabilitation, strength & conditioning and a diet that supports your goals.

Where do we meet? Because I usually need very little or no equipment, sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your residence, community room, gym or at my private facility. I also can conduct an onsight workshop or offer graded assessments to get to know you and develop a strategy.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to learning about you!


The "WHY" I do what I do. My course of correction has been 30 years of progressive evolution in both physical and mental practices. It started out at the physical level. I was a very active boy. Both with heavy chores on a dairy farm in WI and intense physical sports. Too often, I over-worked myself. This ultimately created damage in my posture, fascia, muscles and joints. By the time I was a teenager, I already was showing significant posture imbalances that made me feel tight, weak and dis-coordinated. I knew several things were off, but had no clue what to do.

As I grew into my 20's it became worse through bodybuilding. I started to develop various muscle and joint pains. At that point, I had enough and began and intense journey of education to help myself. I saw some benefit by some self study and through the process became very interested in personal training in the mid 90's. That is when I earned my certification through ACE. I went on to earn many more of the best certifications in the industry but realized they were a good knowledge base only.

This education helped me a bit, but I knew I had to go a lot deeper in knowledge to understand why my body was underperforming in certain ways. I became frustrated and obsessed at understanding how to fix my causes of pain, so I began to seek help. Over the course of years I hired the the best professionals I could find in the field of eastern and western physical therapy, orthopedics, massage therapy, chiropractic and structural integration. Few could make sense or have a clear direction as to what was wrong and what to do. This made me obsessed to figure more out on my own, as I refused to accept my circumstances, go on drugs, or under a knife so I bought every book and course relevant to biomechanics, gait, posture, functional anatomy, muscle physiology, and many types of physical therapies. 

At that point I was personal training full time in silicon valley and back in college to be a physical therapist. I learned physical therapy was not my passion as it didn't really always treat causes but was more focused on symptom alleviation. I started to do my own types of proven physical techniques and merged them with personal training and performance enhancement. I also invented my own core and spine exercise product. 

I integrated my techniques with my clients and saw a lot of successes which gave me confidence that the techniques I was using were not a fluke. Pains in myself and my clients would start to disappear with relative ease. 

I started my own practice just a few years after and that is when my business took off and I loved it.

The Mental Level

As I have gotten older into my 40's I access better spiritual enlightenment through my body by trying to be very present with my mindful posture, breathing, gait, eating, thinking and interactions with people and nature. 

With great gratitude I owe a lot of my happiness and success to teachers who helped me along the way and continue to stimulate more growth in my mind and body. I admire the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Don Tigny, Ida Rolf, Erik Dalton and many pioneers of their respective fields of several different types of physical therapies.

I encourage everyone to look deep into how they align their body and how they  move to reduce unwanted stress and aging to perform at their highest level.

By working together we can improve at a faster rate. Whether we are 5 or 95 we can always strive to increase our performance and happiness.

With this in mind, I think the process of aging has much more to do with our mind and body neglect, rather than our date of birth. After all you don't have to be old to have poor posture, poor function, be sick, weak, depressed, overweight or suffer from repetitive stress injuries - you just have to stop paying attention to your health and bad habits will creep in.

It is not easy to lead by example when we are surrounded by our own mental noise, people who are out of touch with their body, technology and poor information. It requires a lot of self study, external knowledge and practice. Having coaches has helped me be more confident in what I was trying to do and made me more proactively lead by example. My trial and error process greatly reduced.

A great deal of thanks goes to my clients. Over the course of 20 years of studying of hundreds of clients, 10's of thousands of hands on working hours, they have help me reduce time to resolve pains and perform better in their goals.

I recently move to Sandy for an even more enjoyable lifestyle and aim to replicate the process of being best trainer I can be.

I look forward to learning more about you.

Wishing you the best in health and happiness,


 Personal Training in Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Draper and other communities

I have been working with Dan since May 2004. At that time my balance and flexibility were poor and I became exhausted after only minor physical exertion. With Dan’s holistic approach, including diet, exercise, motivation and general physical awareness, I lost 65 pounds and I got to the point where I was able to finish my first triathlon this past month.

I have worked with others in the past, but never had the confidence that I have with Dan. He is a consummate professional and has the patience to teach you how to make meaningful changes. If something hurts, his extensive education and knowledge are such that he can explain why that is, and how to correct it. I used to think I had arthritis in my knees, and now I run 25-30 miles per week without pain. Thanks to Dan!!

Walt Friese

I am a 60-something grandmother with a high stress, physically intense job. I also have a passion for hiking. The “grandmothering”, my job and my love of outdoor activities require me to keep up my energy and stamina. Dan has helped me to do this by providing exercise and training designed just for my needs. Dan has focused on ways to increase my strength and flexibility in my everyday activities as well as my recreational “fun stuff”. This has enabled me to run and play with my grandkids, climb high mountains (I recently climbed Half Dome in Yosemite) and do my job as well as some of my younger co-workers.

C. Wheeler

I’ve trained with Dan twice weekly for over a year. He’s an extraordinary teacher with a passion for helping his clients become stronger, more flexible and healthier. There’s no “cookie cutter” approach with Dan. Each client has an individualized program that Dan consistently evaluates and updates to add challenge, motivation, and improved strength and health.

Elizabeth Miller 

Daniel Robertson has focused on customizing and tailoring my workouts in a format that creates challenge with results. Core integral training professionally mastered by experience and knowledge of technique. I am particularly impressed with his personal integrity and guiding principals.

Mary J.

Dan is passionately dedicated to his work. He has helped me feel and look better than I have in years. Dan’s holistic approach is simple, makes sense and keeps me constantly motivated

Liz Wright 


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