Sport Specific Training & Physical Rehab.


Golf, tennis, racquet ball and other forward repetitive swinging movements naturally over train ones abs, chest and front shoulder complex. This action weakens back and posterior shoulder muscles, which leads to a predictable stiff rounded back and rounded shoulders.

 This decreases range of motion of spine and shoulder, which reduces speed and power and sometimes leads to injury in various areas of the body.


When you want to improve performance you want to develop sport specific movements. It starts with:

 1st, Identifying and tracking all relevant muscle imbalances.

 2nd, Creating a program that correctly lengthens tight muscles and strengthens weaker muscles.

 3rd, Selecting specific exercises that enhance overall  speed, power, coordination and endurance.

Having quality personal trainer that can address all these needs can be a fantastic investment.


Hiking is a wonderful exercise for many reasons. It should be noted though that hiking up or downhill commonly leads to tight calves, a shortened gait and a rounded back due to the leaning forward to watch ones step, avoid falls and carry a backpack. Stretching calves and the outer hip to walk straight while strengthening the the quads, glutes and back can be very helpful to improve endurance and reduce stress on the ones feet, knees and low back.


Running is one of the best, most natural and healthy activities to do. To improve performance I enjoy analyzing each person's type of posture, gait, running surfaces, shoes, breathing, mental focus, and amount of workload. 

On top of that the appropriate food, sleeping, cross training and restorative stretching and different types massage therapy can make a big difference.  My passion is identifying every factor in detail to help you perform best. 


Want to improve biking performance? Alignment and muscle balance are key.

Also, be aware that much like golf, a rounded back reduces lung capacity especially when the heart rate is of higher intensity. Biking also over-trains the upper quad and lower hams and upper calves but under-trains the lateral hips, back and rear shoulders. This natural loss of range of motion produces neck, shoulder, back and hip tightness. Integrating corrective strength training and flexibility exercises are a wonderful way to keep you balanced so there is less negative carry over effect in your daily life.

Physical Rehab.

The degree of ones aging often corresponds to their general uprightness, speed of gait, stride length and arm and leg swing. The result if often and unnecessary aging process through decreased function in most of the muscles and joints of our body. This leads to weakness and often pain and injury. Often the elderly accept this process but do not need to. My focus and main drive is to help people increase there awareness of habits that get in the way and design a lifestyle and fitness program they can grow into to improve function as a whole.