Health And Fitness Workshops

Sample Workshop Topics:

  • Weight Loss - Breaking down the science of losing weight - Move more or eat less?
  • Ergonomics - Learn how to improve performance through better alignment
  • Posture - How posture effects strength, flexibility, balance and function
  • General Conditioning - Creating an effective program based on needs and wants
  • Back Care - The easiest techniques to reduce pain and create a stronger back
  • Sport Conditioning - Learn techniques that prevent injury and enhance performance
  • Functional Fitness for Daily Life - Learning and enhancing the right movement patterns that naturally reduce aging - gait, squats, lunges, bowing, pushing, pulling and twisting

Location of Classes and Workshops

Workshops and classes are personalized to match attendees wants and needs regardless of age or condition. I offer a full suite of services wherever seniors live or gather.

Contact Daniel at 669-282-8435 to learn more.