Exercise and Nutrition

How to create a better looking body

What you consume and burn plays a large role in your metabolism. Too many calories and too little movement will make you gain fat. On the flip side, too little calories decreases performance in every way.


So the challenge people face is how do we figure out what, when and how much to eat relative to your overall amount of exercise. 

Since everybody truly is very different in so many ways, it is impossible to create an accurate formula. So we need to get a good idea on what you are currently consuming and burning. 

Once established over a few days, we then can start to make corrections that are sustainable. For example, sometimes they can be as simple as adding in 15 minutes of exercise and eating a bit more fiber to reduce unnecessary caloric intake might be worthwhile.


The amount of information on this topic can be incredibly overwhelming, so it is best to get professional consulting to analyze your particularly lifestyle, food intake and overall exercise program before jumping into trial and error techniques that can hurt your metabolism more. One point that is clear is, the more accurate and consistent you are the faster progress we can make.

I have been coaching as a nutritionist and personal trainer for 20 years and have witnessed many different scenarios that have worked. Good judgements from peer reviewed literature and experience can foster incredible changes.

For example, in my testimonial page I saw tremendous changes in Walt who  quickly lost approximately 60 pounds of fat by adding more greens and cardio into his life.

I welcome your challenges that you bring to me!

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